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Become an Agent

Embrace an Opportunity to Serve the Community Better.


Becoming an Agent

KoverageOne is always looking for new members of the team. We’re dedicated to finding the best agents in new regions and empowering them with the power of KoverageOne’s technology, industry connections, and support staff in order to better reach entirely new communities.

If you have a history in the insurance industry, or you’re interested in getting started, and you have a great network within your community that you’d like to serve, it’s time you reach out to us and find out what the future can hold for you. If you haven’t already been trained in insurance and you don’t already have the proper certification, that’s okay. KoverageOne will help to get you on track to become an agent.

2 Ways to Join

Become a Referrer

Get paid a flat rate to send your referrals to KoverageOne. The more people from your network who request quotes, the more you can earn.

Get Licensed

As a licensed producer, you can become a real agent for KoverageOne. You’ll have access to our software to help you gather customer information.

Ask about how KoverageOne can help you get licensed.

The Power of the Technology

As a member of the KoverageOne team, you’ll be given access to the proprietary technology that we’ve built to help you gather customer information easily so that you can provide a higher level of customer service quickly. We’ve built this software so that our new agents can speed up the process of getting customer’s quotes and starting to help them save money faster.

We’re continuing to make this software better all the time, which makes now an exciting time to be a member of the KoverageOne team.

Get Started Today

If you think now is the right time to become a KoverageOne agent, drop us a line and a member of our onboarding team will reach out to you.