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Case Study


First World Mortgage is known throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island as a leading mortgage lender. They are a full service lender and their clients rely on First World for customized home loans to help them get the home of their dreams.

First World partnered with KoverageOne and adopted the platform early in development phase and they helped provide specific feedback to make the experience better for their customers and for their loan officers.

KoverageOne has improved our borrower’s experience. Their quotes are more accurate and the support team at KoverageOne makes sure each borrower receives the coverage they need.

Our loan officers didn’t have to learn any new systems, KoverageOne works well with our existing processes but makes our processes more efficient. We’re able to focus on servicing our borrowers better and growing our business more.

Feliks Viner, VP of Secondary Marketing, First World Mortgage

Dramatically decreased time spent on insurance.

Eliminated roadblocks for clients to increase conversion.

Improved overall customer experience.

Increased customer engagement and trust.

Better Control of the Customer Experience

Having to handle the mortgage application process as well as being responsible for getting the insurance policy can put unintended pressure and stress on some clients. By providing a one-stop-shoping experience, borrowers feel more like First World Mortgage is taking care of everything.

KoeverageOne has customized its application for First World so that their clients feel like their loan officer is helping the client take care of everything.

  • Automated branded emails

  • Consistent Messaging

  • Faster Feedback Loop

By having more control of the customer’s experience, First World has more control of the outcome.

It has been a pleasure working with you and your team recently. I have found that it serves my client’s well and in turn helps make the process of collecting and obtaining the correct homeowner’s insurance coverage documentation for my team prior to closing a more seamless process.

Lisa F. Ashkenas, BRANCH MANAGER I NMLS 125652

Focusing on Growth

By utilizing KoverageOne as their insurance solution, First World Mortgage has been able to focus more on client outreach and growing their business. They spend less time on mundane daily issues and more time on marketing.

Be Next

KoverageOne is now open for onboarding applications.

We are actively seeking new agencies so contact a representative today and let’s discuss what integration with the KoverageOne platform would look like for your business.