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Gas Stations

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A Complex Business is Just as Easy to Insure

We know that while gas stations may sound like a simple business, there is way more going on than people realize. Many businesses not only have the fuel and the convenience store, but they serve hot food, they have car washes, multiple employees, the property itself. With all these facets of your business, your policy might seem complicated, but the KoverageOne team is very familiar with this type of business. We’ve got years of experience writing policies for gas stations and we’ve built proprietary technology to help us get you an affordable quote in very little time.

Many Businesses in One

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Protecting your Investment in Product

From the snacks and food to the fuel, at any one time you may have millions of dollars tied up in your inventory an it’s important that you protect that.


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By simply setting aside a few minutes of your time, we can get all the information that we need to get you a quote.

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What KoverageOne can offer you

We’re a full service independent insurance agent, meaning we can provide you with anything you or your business need, from personal auto insurance, to commercial insurance, to life insurance. But here are some things you’ll likely want to consider.

  • Business Owner’s Policy
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Umbrella

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