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Re-imagining Homeowners Insurance

The right software can make insurance coverage hassle-free.



The Old Way Isn’t Working

When clients come to a bank or mortgage broker–whether refinancing or getting a new mortgage–the insurance factor can be a painful process.

  • Eliminate waiting for agents to provide insurance quotes

  • Eliminage the risk of a third party recommending a difference lender

  • Eliminate the frustration of tracking down insurance information

  • Eliminate the potential of receiving inaccurate insurance quotes

Dream Bigger

KoverageOne is a reliable way for borrowers to obtain the insurance they need without slowing down the application process or requiring you to track down information all day.

  • Fast and Accurate Quotes

  • Seamless Customer Experience

  • Continuous Feedback

  • No Points of Failure


The New Way

Customer Opts in for an Insurance Quote

Once the borrower gives consent, their information is securely sent into the KoverageOne platform where a quote is automatically generated.

Review Quote in Minutes Online

The borrower receives an email introducing KoverageOne and providing them with a quote. If satisfied, the borrower just clicks to continue.

Answers a Few Short Questions Online

The borrower answers a few simple questions to ensure they receive the coverage they need. The entire process takes less than 2 minutes.

Insurance Information is Automatically Shared with Loan Officer

All of the borrower insurance policy information is automatically sent to the loan officer. The loan office can monitor the process to verify the policy obtained and coverage provided is sufficient.

Customers can handle their entire insurance application from their phone in just minutes.

Preserving that Personal Touch

Technology can be a miracle worker, but only when used properly.

KoverageOne eliminates all the hassle of an insurance application, but that doesn’t mean we eliminate the people. There are certain things that always need the personal touch.

We have a team of experienced agents who review the applications and service the accounts, to make sure that every customer is getting the right coverage at the right price. You can be confident that the quotes your customers receive will be accurate, and your customers will be confident that their dream home is safe.


How does your data get to us?

Each platform adoption by a mortgage broker is developed or modified to meet the need of each corresponding lender, bank, mortgage broker, or loan officer. Each integration is customized to optimize borrower’s access to the platform and best simplifies the mortgage application process. We recognize the importance of making the process easier while protecting confidential information and maximizing our partner’s financial reward.

Ways to Submit Referrals

Getting Started

Learn more about the platform by contacting us today.

KoverageOne is currently selecing new partnership opportunities. Once we can learn a few things about you and your business, we explore the possibilities and expand your revenue generating potential.