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About Us

Leveraging technology and a personal touch to get you great results.


Who is KoverageOne

KoverageOne was formed by a dedicated team of insurance agents with years of experience in the industry and great connections in their community and network who wanted to build a team to help provide better customer service to their customers. By developing new technology to make the process of getting insurance quotes easier, faster, and more pain-free for potential customers, KoverageOne is dedicated to bringing the best policies at affordable rates to their clients.

We also believe that the personal interaction with an agent is a powerful part of the customer experience. By knowing that a KoverageOne agent is really listening to you and that their goal isn’t just to sign you up, but to get you the right policy for where you are in your life, we know that our customers will be more satisfied with their coverage than by getting faceless quotes from a website. People need someone knowledgeable that they can trust working on their side.


Here’s what makes KoverageOne stand apart from the rest:

  • Modern software
  • A large selection of products
  • Leveraging relationships with carriers to get great rates
  • Listens to the customer to meet their need
  • Locally owned & operated

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