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About Us

Leveraging technology and a personal touch to get you great results.


Who is KoverageOne

KoverageOne was formed by a dedicated team of insurance agents with years of experience in the industry and a strong community network. They noticed that not everyone thought about insurance as positively as they did. For some, insurance was a headache, a business hurdle that had to be slogged through, or at worst, a possible way they might lose a sale.

There needed to be a better experience for both the customers as well as for the mortgage brokers, banks, or financial advisors that worked with them. But it seemed the only way to find that platform was to build it.


The Power of Koverage

KoverageOne was built in partnership with the Koverage Insurance Group. This provides KoverageOne with established relationships with the best insurance providers, and ensures that we can provide customers with the most competitive rates on the market.

  • Nationwide Coverage

  • Diverse Selection of Providers

  • Dedicated Service Team

  • Highly Competitive Rates